amigurumi, penguin

Easy little penguin

Totally an A+ for this simple little penguin. Pattern: This was cute and fast. You do have to sign up for Lion Brand, but that’s free and everything. I think my pin on Pinterest says it’s $8.95, but it’s not. I’ve been avoiding the patterns that cost money of late, since I have none.

The only part of this little guy that caused any trouble was the sewing in of the eyes – I always manage to catch the edges of the body in yarn when I’m sewing stuff in and this was no exception. It’s truly annoying when you find you’ve sewn the lower body to the eyes of your little character. I almost turned him into a bent over little old man of a penguin. Fortunately, I saved him in time!

Don’t use super soft yarn when making stuffed animals, unless you are really good at making REALLY TIGHT stitches. I never fail to have small gaps in mine, and it’s unfortunate. Softer yarn tends to stretch more and it’s just not a pretty when you can see the gaps. They’re not nearly as obvious when you’re holding it as it is in the pictures, but my camera is decent enough to pick up everything.

This little guy will go up for sale on Etsy under the shop name Addled Mab’s. (That’s me – I’m addled, and Mab is a “lovable” character (Amabilis, latin) and a character from Shakespeare that invades your dreams.)

Anyway, easiest Amigurumi ever!

Also fits perfectly in a tea cup!

Also fits perfectly in a tea cup!


The side view. Clearly someone needs to sew in the strings better.


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