Amigirumi, easter, grade A, simple

A Peep Bunny

My son loves Peeps. I don’t much care for the taste, but anything that has sugar in it attracts my three year old. Naturally, a tiny, easy looking pattern for a Peep sounds perfect!


I give this pattern an A. It’s simple, it’s easy, and if you have a tendency to make mistakes, it doesn’t take long to fix them. I vow to make more of them until I get them perfect in time for Easter, but right now I’m trying to conquer The Sweater (I’ve never done a sweater before, either in knit or crochet. I’ve tried and failed more than once, but I’ve never finished one. Naturally, I couldn’t pick a simple one.)

He lacks eyes. I know. I should finish it, but here’s the deal with this pattern: It’s WAY too easy to screw up. It’s really easy to screw up because if one stitch is off, you’ll screw it up. However, it’s small enough that ripping it out won’t break your heart. I made three bunny sides before I pulled it off, and as you can see, the ears are still a little sideways. As per my usual, I used a smaller needle than required and still ended up with gaping holes. I really need to work on that.


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