amigurumi, cats, gone wrong, grade D

The cluster of a cat pattern

This pattern, on was a straight up mess. I’d give it about a D.

Here’s the pattern:

Granted, this little girl kitten wouldn’t look so awful without the wonky eyes. However, at most turns, this either didn’t look correct, or simply didn’t exist and I had to make it up as I went along. There’s even a comment that the same image attached to the pattern is from a book, which perhaps explains why it doesn’t come out looking much like the picture.

The cat’s neck is a bit long. There’s literally no instructions as to how the author expects one to make the arms fit the dress (they don’t, btw – you basically sew them on the arms and then sew them on the outside of the dress). The pattern ignores the headscarf altogether, and since I sewed the ears a wee bit too far back – nasty habit of mine – I just created holes in the headscarf I made in order to compensate. Also, the dress was far, far too short. It was like a shirt, and while little girls wear shirts as dresses all the time, it wasn’t going to fly unless I gave this poor cat a giraffe neck.

I think it’ll be fine once I remove and reattach some decent eyes, but right now it’s a mess. My handmade eyes don’t work this small.

Also, one assumes that the original pattern has you sew the hands together and make a little yarn ball with knitting needles for the basket — a bit silly considering that the whole thing is crocheted –but I skipped that bit. So, this turn out to be a bit of a cluster, but I think the results will be ok. I wouldn’t start out with a project like this, that’s for sure. Unless you want to curse a lot more than I did.

20150114_144057 20150114_144042


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