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Turning crazy cat lady scarf

I don’t know what it is about cat patterns. They’re everywhere! I don’t have a cat, but it appears that I have a lot of cat patterns pinned. *shrug* I don’t know what to say about that. I’m a crazy cat crochet lady instead of a cat lady. I’m going to have a house full of crazy cat crochet things. I can be like this old “wood carver” witch in Brave who only does bears (only I’m cats):

She only carves bears.

For some reason, I pinned this thing:

It’s a dead cat.

I find it really looks like it’s a dead cat, and I’m not sure why I would pin something quite so unappealing. However, I did pin it, and I’m going to crochet all the pins (that I can manage). However, I refuse to pay for this particular pattern, so I figured it out on my own. There are several versions on Pinterest, so I guess it’s not entirely nuts. I gave mine open eyes and an unhappy face — it kind of looks more alive that way.

Anyway, so here are some pictures – if you know how to make a circle, some ears and the legs and tail are in no way difficult if you’ve done any amigurumi. I can’t believe some people have the hutzpah to try to sell this pattern. When I make something complicated, I’ll try to sell the pattern, maybe. I really need to get a dress form so I can make scarves look decent. No one else in the family will pose for pictures, and selfies just look silly.

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The cluster of a cat pattern

This pattern, on was a straight up mess. I’d give it about a D.

Here’s the pattern:¬†

Granted, this little girl kitten wouldn’t look so awful without the wonky eyes. However, at most turns, this either didn’t look correct, or simply didn’t exist and I had to make it up as I went along. There’s even a comment that the same image attached to the pattern is from a book, which perhaps explains why it doesn’t come out looking much like the picture.

The cat’s neck is a bit long. There’s literally no instructions as to how the author expects one to make the arms fit the dress (they don’t, btw – you basically sew them on the arms and then sew them on the outside of the dress). The pattern ignores the headscarf altogether, and since I sewed the ears a wee bit too far back – nasty habit of mine – I just created holes in the headscarf I made in order to compensate. Also, the dress was far, far too short. It was like a shirt, and while little girls wear shirts as dresses all the time, it wasn’t going to fly unless I gave this poor cat a giraffe neck.

I think it’ll be fine once I remove and reattach some decent eyes, but right now it’s a mess. My handmade eyes don’t work this small.

Also, one assumes that the original pattern has you sew the hands together and make a little yarn ball with knitting needles for the basket — a bit silly considering that the whole thing is crocheted –but I skipped that bit. So, this turn out to be a bit of a cluster, but I think the results will be ok. I wouldn’t start out with a project like this, that’s for sure. Unless you want to curse a lot more than I did.

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Easy little penguin

Totally an A+ for this simple little penguin. Pattern: This was cute and fast. You do have to sign up for Lion Brand, but that’s free and everything. I think my pin on Pinterest says it’s $8.95, but it’s not. I’ve been avoiding the patterns that cost money of late, since I have none.

The only part of this little guy that caused any trouble was the sewing in of the eyes – I always manage to catch the edges of the body in yarn when I’m sewing stuff in and this was no exception. It’s truly annoying when you find you’ve sewn the lower body to the eyes of your little character. I almost turned him into a bent over little old man of a penguin. Fortunately, I saved him in time!

Don’t use super soft yarn when making stuffed animals, unless you are really good at making REALLY TIGHT stitches. I never fail to have small gaps in mine, and it’s unfortunate. Softer yarn tends to stretch more and it’s just not a pretty when you can see the gaps. They’re not nearly as obvious when you’re holding it as it is in the pictures, but my camera is decent enough to pick up everything.

This little guy will go up for sale on Etsy under the shop name Addled Mab’s. (That’s me – I’m addled, and Mab is a “lovable” character (Amabilis, latin) and a character from Shakespeare that invades your dreams.)

Anyway, easiest Amigurumi ever!

Also fits perfectly in a tea cup!

Also fits perfectly in a tea cup!


The side view. Clearly someone needs to sew in the strings better.

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Cute pencil case, cat style

So this little pencil bag is awfully cute.

I give the pattern a B, (Link here:¬†because the ears couldn’t have been done in a sillier way,(four complete triangles, then sew together and stuff. You can make a cone so much more easily – see the horns on previous patterns for the dragon and the unicorn) and the bow was kind of dumb, too. (crochet the cross over part. I just wrapped the yarn around it several times – easier and it holds the bow tighter) The rest of this case was simple and easy, and there’s suggestions on the pattern for how to decorate it differently if cats aren’t your thing.

The original had a smiley face, and button eyes, but if I don’t have to hunt down buttons for eyes, why bother? I can make them almost as well. You’ll notice, of course, that the right eye isn’t perfectly round. Bah. I’m going to get that right one of these days!

Anyway, this was nice and simple. I whipped this together in less than half a day. It would’ve been faster, but the path of parenting never did run smooth, especially if one crochets too much and has an antsy kid.


Close up of the bow. The pattern called for making it longer, then folding it in half and sewing together, leaving this rather odd pointy end (because it has you crocheting the stitches together midway through). So odd! It just made a very simple bow more complicated for no reason I can figure.

Note the ears? The better looking, non wonky one is the one I made using a cone pattern, instead of sewing together separate triangles.