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Cute pencil case, cat style

So this little pencil bag is awfully cute.

I give the pattern a B, (Link here:┬ábecause the ears couldn’t have been done in a sillier way,(four complete triangles, then sew together and stuff. You can make a cone so much more easily – see the horns on previous patterns for the dragon and the unicorn) and the bow was kind of dumb, too. (crochet the cross over part. I just wrapped the yarn around it several times – easier and it holds the bow tighter) The rest of this case was simple and easy, and there’s suggestions on the pattern for how to decorate it differently if cats aren’t your thing.

The original had a smiley face, and button eyes, but if I don’t have to hunt down buttons for eyes, why bother? I can make them almost as well. You’ll notice, of course, that the right eye isn’t perfectly round. Bah. I’m going to get that right one of these days!

Anyway, this was nice and simple. I whipped this together in less than half a day. It would’ve been faster, but the path of parenting never did run smooth, especially if one crochets too much and has an antsy kid.


Close up of the bow. The pattern called for making it longer, then folding it in half and sewing together, leaving this rather odd pointy end (because it has you crocheting the stitches together midway through). So odd! It just made a very simple bow more complicated for no reason I can figure.

Note the ears? The better looking, non wonky one is the one I made using a cone pattern, instead of sewing together separate triangles.

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Hot chocolate. MMMmmm.

Pattern grade: B
Here’s a super cute project! It’s a hot chocolate crocheted ornament. I admit, there are a lot of crochet projects out there that I think ought to be left alone. I have no desire to cover my toilet paper with a crocheted doily of some kind. However, when it’s so adorable that it simply can’t be resisted, well, I don’t!

This is what the project is supposed to look like:


Cute, right? Here’s the pattern:

Here are my results: Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Still cute, but obviously not on the same level, the only part of this that was actually hard to understand was the handle, of all things! I thought that looked the simplest, but I was wrong. There’s a case where the pattern says “count back …and then slip stitch around that stitch” and that one line threw me. It may be an experience issue, but when I counted back I ended up with a circle, which clearly wasn’t correct.

The other problem is that my cup looks more bulbous than the original picture, which could be due to my rather loose crocheting. I actually used one size smaller hook than recommended in the pattern (which was an F hook, and I used an E) . Also, I forgot the shape of the “liquid” was curved upward, convex, rather than concave as mine appears. That was definitely my own fault.

Either way, I will attach a ribbon of some sort to the handle, and send this on as a gift to the intended person, and hope she likes it! Maybe I’ll try this again sometime when I get more normal brown yarn. The artisan yarn I had on hand was pretty odd to work with in this case, as the yarn width wasn’t at all consistent.

The white yarn is old Crayola brand yarn, which hasn’t been made in some time, as I can’t find any evidence that it exists online. I’m fairly sure my grandmother used it in the late 80s.