container, gone wrong, Grade B

Lumpy teacup and saucer

This is cute and simple, but comes out pretty lumpy, as shown, so I call it a B+

Here’s the free Lion Brand pattern:  However, I think there are some better ones on Ravelry that can recommend some ways that these might keep their shapes better.

Still, it’s kind of cute. My son wasn’t that into it, but he’s a three year old boy who is into trucks. Tea parties aren’t his thing.

Not much to share about this one. There is a really good pattern for a basket that, if you used a thin yarn and teensy hooks, could probably be used to make a better cup, with a flatter bottom:  You’ll have to add it to cart as if you’re going to purchase it, but it’s still free. I’ve used it for a basket, and since the bottom is entirely flat, it tends to stand up better. I’d start with that and combine it with the first pattern for a good cup. I’ll try it again sometime, but I’m behind on posting, and working with a somewhat horrible pattern for a amigurumi cat, not to mention prepping for a new semester, so more very soon that doesn’t involve lumpy cups.


Taken separately, they’re rather cute.