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The Candy Corn Bag

I found a bag similar to this one on Pinterest (of course) and it’s a paid pattern. I cannot figure out why, because unless someone doesn’t understand basic crocheting, this bag was incredibly easy.

However, if you’re compelled to have a pattern, I have written one, and I won’t charge anyone for it (although I’ll probably post the bag itself here: around late September)

The pattern:

Use an H sized hook, for a bag about 10 inches tall and 8 inches wide at the top.

Chain 15 in white

Row one: Half double crochet (hdc) all stitches across, ch. 2 and turn.

R2: *2 hdc in first stitch, hdc across, and 2 hdc in the last stitch. *

R3-R6 repeat previous row (from * to *) Fasten off and leave a LONG end, which you will use to sew up the sides when finished.

Change color to orange

R7-R12 repeat row 2 .

Fasten off and leave a LONG end, which you will use to sew up the sides when finished.

R13: change to yellow and repeat row 2

R14-R18 repeat row 2 again. Fasten off and leave a LONG end, which you will use to sew up the sides when finished.

Now you’ve completed one side of the bag. Repeat the entire construction again and then sew the sides together, using the long ends of each color. Flip inside out so that your stitches don’t show, and then begin the straps. I used two, because crocheted straps can be kind of flimsy, and then I created thick straps. I used this:


It’s a bit small for the ambitious candy seekers, but would be super cute for a Halloween related gift.

bag, grade C, tiny

Tiny handbag– perfect for a can of Spaghettios.

This is supposed to be a cell phone cozy, I think. It’s perfect for holding Spaghettios! I put the can in there to demonstrate the bag’s size, but now I just find it funny. Don’t mind me; I tend to laugh at my own jokes a lot more than everyone else does.

This pattern is about a C. Try it here: Scroll down to the bottom for directions in English, unless you are fluent in reading Italian.

As for the pattern’s instructions, somewhere the stitches didn’t line up, or I misinterpreted, but I got confused and it’s not the same on both sides of the bag. It’s not bad, but I probably wouldn’t sell this to anyone. Somewhere in the turning of the bag clockwise, and sew straps on here — I almost sewed the straps on the wrong sides, because that’s how turned around I got. I’m unimpressed by that, because this bag looks SO simple in the pictures, and I’m fairly certain I could find a youtube video explaining it without any problems (and I probably should have). If any of you reading try this and want to give me some additional tips in the comments, I’d love to see them.

Actually, it’s about the right size for a cell phone and not much else. If you carry a small wallet, this may work. The pattern doesn’t include the flower – that’s something I looked up on youtube at some point in the past and sewed on because I wasn’t 100% happy with this. Since it matched far too well, I also added an outline and put a different colored center on it. I hope I didn’t add too much, actually.

The nice part is that this little bag takes a really small amount of yarn, and I’m sure with a thicker yarn or a larger hook I could have made this much larger and actually had a handbag that I (mother and teacher and crocheter, ergo generally large handbag carrier) would like to carry.

Wee cell cozy/hand bag. Perfect for hanging on your wall.

Wee cell cozy/hand bag. Perfect for hanging on your wall, or carrying around Sphaghettios. Or, if you want to be practical, your cell phone and a tiny wallet. 

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Cute pencil case, cat style

So this little pencil bag is awfully cute.

I give the pattern a B, (Link here: because the ears couldn’t have been done in a sillier way,(four complete triangles, then sew together and stuff. You can make a cone so much more easily – see the horns on previous patterns for the dragon and the unicorn) and the bow was kind of dumb, too. (crochet the cross over part. I just wrapped the yarn around it several times – easier and it holds the bow tighter) The rest of this case was simple and easy, and there’s suggestions on the pattern for how to decorate it differently if cats aren’t your thing.

The original had a smiley face, and button eyes, but if I don’t have to hunt down buttons for eyes, why bother? I can make them almost as well. You’ll notice, of course, that the right eye isn’t perfectly round. Bah. I’m going to get that right one of these days!

Anyway, this was nice and simple. I whipped this together in less than half a day. It would’ve been faster, but the path of parenting never did run smooth, especially if one crochets too much and has an antsy kid.


Close up of the bow. The pattern called for making it longer, then folding it in half and sewing together, leaving this rather odd pointy end (because it has you crocheting the stitches together midway through). So odd! It just made a very simple bow more complicated for no reason I can figure.

Note the ears? The better looking, non wonky one is the one I made using a cone pattern, instead of sewing together separate triangles.