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Tiny Christmas Balls

Pattern Grade: A- because there’s no tips on how to make it larger, and I’m a follower, not a leader (yet) so I just follow patterns, so far. Otherwise, it was nice, clear and easy, and I love all that.

Yes, I meant balls. Crocheted, non-male anatomy related balls. You thought it, too!

So, here’s the pattern:

Cute little crochet balls, perfect for Christmas ornaments, right?

Well. They ARE pretty cute. I did these in probably an hour, with distractions.

The pattern is delightfully simple, which is nice. It’s also TINY, if you use the size F (5/3.75 millimeter) hook that I used. I have a lot of yarn that is not labelled lying around. Some of it is actually yarn I got from my grandmother, who hadn’t knit or crocheted since the 80’s.

This isn’t that yarn, so I’m digressing.

As you can see, they’re small. Very, very small. I put them next to my son’s Matchbox car to give you an idea of exactly how tiny they were. I didn’t have a quarter. I seriously don’t have a quarter.

Anyway, so the smaller one turned out nearly perfectly, except that when I stuffed it, you can see the stuffing through the sides, probably due to the stretchy yarn. I tried to expand the size by adding a row of expand and a row of crochet every two stitches together, but I ended up with more of a tomato then a ball. I should have added a row of repeated stitches in the “repeat single crochet same number of stitches around” rounds of the ball. I didn’t, so now I have a Christmas tomato.

ETA: I tried it again with a size G hook, too (4.5 MM) and it’s roughly the size of the Christmas tomato with no added rows. It’s still smaller than the palm of my hand, though.


The dots blanket post 2

Only a couple of rows left and it’ll be done! Then I get to weave in 50 billion ends. Seriously, this might be the project that never ends. My grandmother made zillions of blankets, and many from itchy scratchy Red Heart yarn. I don’t get it. Maybe she wasn’t potty training a toddler.

But progress is happening.

…just so we are clear, this project began before the blog, so it’s not technically at the bottom of the list.


The dots blanket post 1

My pattern is the Happy Colours Blanket from Ravelry. It’s free, which is always fantastic, because yarn certainly isn’t.

Most of the yarn is from Knit picks. Brava, worsted weight. I’d didn’t graduate the colors for my sanity and for costs. The white is all Caron pound of yarn.  What you are seeing in the first picture is one of several attempts to decide which colors go where. I made 10 small circles of each color, and a large one of each. I ended up having too much here and there, I think. So.much.sewing! Hand sewing, no less. I’m sewing and watching Gilmore Girls and/or Supernatural on Netflix. Lots of Jared Padalecki.