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Cute pencil case, cat style

So this little pencil bag is awfully cute.

I give the pattern a B, (Link here: because the ears couldn’t have been done in a sillier way,(four complete triangles, then sew together and stuff. You can make a cone so much more easily – see the horns on previous patterns for the dragon and the unicorn) and the bow was kind of dumb, too. (crochet the cross over part. I just wrapped the yarn around it several times – easier and it holds the bow tighter) The rest of this case was simple and easy, and there’s suggestions on the pattern for how to decorate it differently if cats aren’t your thing.

The original had a smiley face, and button eyes, but if I don’t have to hunt down buttons for eyes, why bother? I can make them almost as well. You’ll notice, of course, that the right eye isn’t perfectly round. Bah. I’m going to get that right one of these days!

Anyway, this was nice and simple. I whipped this together in less than half a day. It would’ve been faster, but the path of parenting never did run smooth, especially if one crochets too much and has an antsy kid.


Close up of the bow. The pattern called for making it longer, then folding it in half and sewing together, leaving this rather odd pointy end (because it has you crocheting the stitches together midway through). So odd! It just made a very simple bow more complicated for no reason I can figure.

Note the ears? The better looking, non wonky one is the one I made using a cone pattern, instead of sewing together separate triangles.


A lovely little cars blanket

This one does not have a pattern, so I cobbled a couple together, which I provide here.

To begin, you need to do a simple chevron blanket pattern. The width is up to you. Mine ends up being about 37 inches wide. To begin, chain 170 stitches.

In the first row, chain three more, and then in the third stitch from the hook, double crochet for seven stitches and  skip the next two stitches. In the 10th stitch begin to double crochet seven more. In the 18th stitch, double crochet once, chain 1, and then double crochet once more. Repeat this exact pattern all the way until the end of the row. There will likely be one or two at the end, just do a double crochet in those.

Repeat this pattern for as long as you like, (I used three skeins of 120 yards) and then use a darker gray for the road. I would have chosen a slightly lighter gray than I did, as the wheels blend in a bit in mine. Do three rows of dark gray, and then continue on in blue, or green if you prefer grass for the road sides.

After you have completed the length of your blanket (I made a baby sized, so roughly 40 inches, or 6-7 balls of yarn 120 yards each), then you need yellow yarn for the road line stitches. I did this completely free hand, and each stitch is about an inch in length.

Then, for the car pattern, the only free one I’ve found that makes any sense is here:

I’m not in love with the grammar and capitalization, but she appears to be Russian. The clarity is actually perfect, so I have no issues there.

For the wheels: The wheels are not explained, so I did a magic circle, in round 1, crochet 6 single crochets in the circle (I didn’t attach)  then in round 2, 2 single crochets in each for a total of 12 stitches, and then in round three, do a single crochet in each for the third circle around, attach and finish off. Leave a long tail for sewing onto the cars. (I actually did that after I’d sewed each car onto the blanket. The circles were just perfect for wheels for these cars. 6 wheels, three cars.

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